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About Us

What’s a Thistle?

  • Competitive, one-design sailboat
  • 1945 design by Sandy Douglass
  • Affordable! Good-quality, used boats are under $5K

Who is Newport Fleet 169?

What’s the boat like?

  • Strict, one-design principles ensure all boats are competitive
  • Sail with 3 crew; a team can sail competitively around 450Ibs
  • Suited to light and heavy air sailing

When do you sail?

  • Monday evenings, IYAC Sport boat Race Series
  • Saturday, once race day per month, Ida Lewis ALOHA Series
  • New England District Championship, July 8-9, 2017
  • Calendar of Events

How do I join?


  • Prior Fleet Captains
    • Ervin Grove-2014-2016
    • Dave Hulse- 2017
  • Treasurer
    • Isabel Marsh-2014-Present
  • 2017 was a growing year for the fleet, but 2018 will be bigger and better than ever! With the Newport fleet having incredible sailors buying boats it is becoming one of the hardest fleets in country. This winter we have seen more growth with 4 more boats added to the fleet. We currently have people looking for boats so they can sail with us so if you know of any please reach out to us! With two nights of racing this year and a potential Friday/Saturday series in the works there will be plenty of racing every week. The fleet is also planning on at least one regatta for 2018 as well. The dates of that are still being shored up but it will be early July, mid-September or late October. With 18 regattas within just a few hours of Newport already on the class schedule there is also plenty of racing to be had elsewhere. Big fleets will show up for a number of those events with the highlight of the summer being the biggest. The nationals are going to be July 30th-August 3rd in Westport, Ct at the Cedar Point Yacht Club. At the last nationals at this venue, there were eighty four boats with just as many planned for this year. Fleet 169 is planning on giving back to our members this year and is working towards organizing practice weekends and nights. Getting our fleet better is important and with the help of some coaches and other coaching tools we will help everyone get faster. With some of Newport’s best sailors getting into the fleet, the time is now to get involved!